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Frequently Asked Questions


How Much is the REFITness Assessment? 

The REFITness Assessment is around two hours in length and is  $170.00  We request you wear loose comfortable clothes and tennis shoes.  


My other gym does an assessment for free, why is it so expensive?

REFIT does encourage you to sign up for an assessment at your current facility.  We are that confident in the time intensive work that we do. So confident in fact that should you not train with REFIT you are welcome to take the starter program that we design for you and train at your local facility.  

Why so much health history? 

Having as much information as possible  allows REFIT  to not only help pinpoint problem areas but it allows us to track long term trends in repetitive issues and chronic pain. This tracking helps us break that cycle and help reenforce other habits. 

This is just the price of getting older isn't it? 

No,  REFIT believes in partnerships between your physician and other practitioners but the growing consensus of the medical and wellness community is that exercise coupled with other practices have a larger effect on the quality of life as we age than we have ever thought before.  The price of getting older is that we need to be a little more diligent in our growth and maintaining our anatomical structure. 


Ok, I want a REFITness assessment how do I get started? 

Wonderful! please contact our owner and founder Christopher Yeoman at the number below to request information or set up your REFITassessment. If we are unable to take your call leave a message and we will be in touch with you as soon as we can.  Should you prefer to text  you can text this number as well. We look forward to working with you.