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Stronger, leaner, and pain-free isn't a one-size-fits all fitness prescription.  If you are looking to reverse chronic pain, improve muscular function, overcome a knee, neck, or shoulder issue, run an ultra marathon or something in between, RE*FIT can help. 

Why let someone else's idea of fitness define (and injure) you?

RE*FIT Personal Training is designed to support health and wellness by improving, maintaining, or recovering muscular function throughout the body over the course of our client’s lifetimes. 

RE*FIT Personal Training is about using your body in a way that supports you and the lifestyle you choose.

At RE*FIT you will be supported by working with a corrective biomechanical specialist and an ever-expanding network of caring professionals.  We believe in partnership not only with you and each other.

Get in touch with us to set up a RE*FITness Assessment, and see if our services are right for you.


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I have struggled with neck pain for ten plus years. I have seen multiple doctors and therapists without success. Christopher has made all the difference. For the first time in years I am able to build strength and participate in activities important to me.
— Meghan

RE*FITness Assessments

When was the last time you went through a fitness assessment that told you something that you didn't already know? Trainers at RE*FIT have been through dozens of assessments in just as many formats. During the hour long process usually there was ten minutes of assessment and fifty minutes of intense sales pitch. You most likely know WHY you are here. A RE*FITness Assessment is a two hour evaluation  to help you understand HOW you got here and WHERE to go from here.

The Skeletal System

The skeletal system is made up of some of the finest machined parts, all specifically designed to fit within certain tolerances, and each precisely prepared to perform “just so.” Unfortunately, genetics, aging, muscle development, and more seem to have imminent domain. That simply means that some of your moving pieces may not fit like they used to, causing wear-and-tear that can lead to surgical solutions.

The RE*FITness Assessment helps identify and address these issues before they have the chance to have deep or lasting impact.


Initial muscle engagement

Demystifying the moving body isn’t easy or simple; it requires a certain amount of prowess, planning, and patience. That’s because your movement patterns are profoundly personal and have been ingrained over time. 

The RE*FITness Assessment helps to establish a baseline – and not just any baseline, but your baseline. REFIT uses this component to gauge changes and measure progress throughout your body.


Research shows that muscle loss begins as early as age 30. Yet maintaining muscle is one of the most important components of any anti-aging regimen (not to mention improving quality of life into our 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond).

The RE*FITness Assessment identifies where you need to build muscle and how to keep the muscle you have. 


Health History

During the RE*FITness Assessment, we’ll talk a lot about your past with regards to your physical body. From trauma to triumphs, we need to hear about and understand your surgeries, injuries, and chronic conditions as much as if not more so than about how much you wish you could lift or press.

The RE*FITness Assessment helps you identify the differences between the aches and pains of what your body’s been through versus the expected response to exercise. 


Smartphones, computers, tablets, and other devices are taking a slow-acting, yet severe toll on our bodies – especially posture. I find these issues are often written off as the byproduct of the natural aging process or the stressors of modern-day life. The RE*FITness Assessment shows me how your body’s been compensating for short- and long-term bad habits and imbalances. More importantly, it helps me develop a plan to help you bounce back from compromising posture.
 The RE*FITness Assessment can show you how to bounce back from compromising posture.


Key stone Theory

Experience has proven that an initial injury (even a small one) can begin a chain of mobility, movement, and muscle compensation that often leads to the next injury, and the next, and the next. Simply focusing on the current issue will not bring you the results you want. 

The RE*FITness Assessment helps identify the issues you’re having today, as well as confronts the issues from the past that are still affecting you


I have been working with Christopher for the better part of a decade starting in my 60’s. He understands my focus on staying strong and being able to travel. From traveling abroad to cleaning out my garage he always has a plan.
— Sally


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