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Let's Move Forward.

Whether you are an avid exerciser, want to have more energy thoughout the day, or just want to lose a few pounds we have you covered.  REFIT puts the "personal" back in personal training. We look at what you are doing or not doing and helping you improve your health and fitness. We do away with cookie cutter exercises and put together a program that is challenging and designed around your body. 


You have a goal... now let's achieve it. 



Feeling stuck in an endless loop of Doctors and Physical Therapy?

  • Injury
  • Physical Therapy
  • Strengthening
  • Pain
  • Injury

If you're caught in this cycle of movement and pain it is time to realize that you could be your own worst enemy.  is time to get to a deeper cause and effect with your body. Let us show you how to move your body in a new and pain free way. 


are you a hard gainer? Is your Fat loss not happening? 

If you are having issues: 

  • Sculpting muscle
  • gaining strength or size
  • losing fat

You have to consider that the muscles you are trying to target are not listening to what your brain is trying to say. BioMechanics call these muscular compensations or non activations.  In short other muscle is picking up the non activator muscle.  We can show you how to improve the connection and get you the results you want. 


Loss of mobility and flexibility aren't "the cost of getting older"

  • Stiffness
  • fatigue
  •  joint pain
  • chronic pain

These are all filed under the "cost of aging"  Nothing about that is actually true. While we do age what you are feeling are the effects of muscle misuse and abuse over the course of your lifetime. This build up of tension and torque increases tension and creates pain.  We can show you how to deal with these issues and get you back to living your life.