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Because where you are is ok.


"Not everyone is looking to run a marathon,

some of us are simply looking to keep up with our kids. " 



Maintaining our muscle is just as important as gaining it. REFIT will keep you challenged in a way that does not sacrifice form or functionality.   We constantly keep up with the latest research and findings that mold your workouts in a way that keeps them safe, fresh, and challenging.  



One of the biggest challenges of our population is flexibility and mobility. Suddenly the couch has gotten "deeper" and we have gotten stiffer.  REFIT helps keep you supple and mobile so you can bend and move how you should  when you need to. 



No matter what the shoe companies want you to believe "doing it " isn't really doing anything for you. In fact if your "doing it" incorrectly you may be just wasting your time. In fact you may be "doing" long term damage to your tendons ligaments and joints. Damage that you will be feeling long after that pair of shoes is in the trash. REFIT can show you the ins and outs of cardio programming and how to utilize bio-mechanics for the best results.