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Get back to being you. 

Chronic pain, surgeries, that old injury from high school? You may have forgotten how you got here, but you haven't stopped feeling every bump in the road that brought you.  REFIT can help peel back those layers and help you understand how your body compensates to help ease your pain. Even if that pain is being increased the more that you try and help yourself. Our REFITness Assessment walks you though a vigorous health history so we can better understand how and why you move the way that you do. We partner with you current physician to discuss your issues and help you on a path of recovery that is long term and medically sound.  Experience the REFIT difference today. 


The bodies natural response to injury is a self defeating cycle ….

The bodies natural response to injury is a self defeating cycle ….

Are you stuck in the Injury Cycle?

Pain Injury Physical Therapy Strengthening Pain Injury and repeat. It is important to know that these issues rarely if ever get better on their own.  Movement patterns that we perform every day continue to put stress and torque on injured tissues and hinder your recovery. Let REFIT show you these patterns and help break your cycle of Injury. 


I was given a list of exercises but I am not feeling any better.

Be proactive in your recovery.  REFIT is a partner, we will never just give you a sheet of exercises to do and send you home. We will explain and walk you through each exercise. Showing you what to do and how your body responds  so you can perform them on your own. 

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They watched me do the exercises in the beginning and said I was doing fine. 

Your body compensates movement in a million different ways. It doesn't care how you do the exercise it just wants to do it and be done. REFIT is a hands on calculated workout. We help make you aware of how your body is or is not working and we have been doing it for 20 years.